JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Stronger structure, super easy stepper motor driver and laser-head compatible -- Makeblock XY-Plotter 2. Since we reinforce the structure, the XY-plotter 2. And the movement of the terminal is stable and precise since the improved dual-way transmission mechanism.

Stronger aluminum extrusion parts than XY-Plotter 1. Dual-way transmission mechanism. Improved pen rising mechanism. Super easy-use stepper motor driver, A Updated control panel -- Me Baseboard.

xy plotter pdf

Easy-Controlled by Processing and GRemote. Frame: Anodized aluminum. CNC G-code. You can buy other Power plugs in our website.

Toggle Nav. Motion Robotics Proximity Biomedical Environment. Inputs Displays Cameras Button Audios. System Boards. Sign in. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. XY-Plotter Robot Kit v2. SKU Be the first to review this product. Stronger aluminum extrusion parts Dual-way transmission mechanism Improved pen rising mechanism Easy-Controlled by Processing and Gremote.

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X Y Plotter Build

Please Sign in or create an account. There are no faqs for this item.An engineer making measurements generates a lot of data, which traditionally was entered by hand into the engineer's Lab Notebook. In the s, these tedious and frustrating tasks were on the minds of instrument companies who were looking for ways to log data or display data results on paper records.

Unfortunately, at this time, there were not any of those kinds of data recorder in the Hewlett Packard catalog. This could be considered as a good reason why the F. Moseley Co. The Moseley company was already well known to HP because both companies used common independent Sales Representatives. In the late s, Francis L. Moseley, conceived the idea of an x-y recorder. An x-y recorder is an electromechanical device that produces permanent graphical displays of two electric-input variables as they relate to each other, and to trace them on chart paper automatically, rather than tracking them by hand.

The x-y recorder plots on a single stable chart. But when one of these two variables is time, then there is a need for continuous recording, and the chart advances with time. Such a recorder is named a Strip Chart Recorder, and it integrates some kind of accurate time base which advances the paper on a calibrated x-axis.

Inthe Pasadena, California-based F. Moseley offering was a full line of strip chart and x-y recorders perfectly complementing the HP product lines. The association made it possible further development and improvement of the Moseley graphic recording instruments, which by then had become a standard in the industry.

The recorder product line stayed listed as Moseley-brand products up to the catalog, and was fully integrated as Hewlett-Packard instrument in the general catalog. It appeared in the issue, which was the first catalog to include an additional product listing for the first four companies recently acquired by Hewlett Packard. They were: Boonton Radio, Dymec, F. Moseley, and Sanborn. The Model was a compact 6" wide, general purpose strip chart recorder.

It was all solid state, with 10 ranges from 5 mV to V full scale, and 8 chart speeds. It used a capillary-fed ink pen supplied from a replaceable ink cartridge or by a stylus on pressure-sensitive paper.XY Plotter Robot Kit is a drawing robot that can move a pen or other instrument to draw digital artwork on flat surface. It can also be developed into a laser engraver by adding the Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack.

Note : We occasionally get reports from users that Benbox is blocked by antivirus software during installation. This is because Benbox is not in the whitelist of the antivirus software.

Please rest assured that Benbox is safe to download and install. Make sure to turn off the antivirus software before installing Benbox on your computer.

This kit consists of over 60 kinds of components from Makeblock, including beams, brackets, motors, etc. Additional materials: Gremote related information for high-end player and we can only provide Limited technical support. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Toggle navigation. Products Apps Openlab Educator. Sign In Login Register. Introduction XY Plotter Robot Kit is a drawing robot that can move a pen or other instrument to draw digital artwork on flat surface.

XY Plotter V2.

XY Plotter Robot Kit

How to get started with XY Plotter? Install and use software mDraw mDraw is an cross-platform open-source software developed by Makeblock. Install and use software Benbox 5. Previous Previous post: Ultimate Robot Kit. Makeblock Co.AxiDraw machines are available for purchase directly from Evil Mad Scientist as well as from select distributors:.

The AxiDraw is a pen plotter, which is a type of simple robot. Its sole function is to guide a pen or other implement mounted in the pen holder along the set of vector lines, curves, and paths that you ask it to follow. Everything that the machine is ultimately capable of, such as drawing graphics, writing text, or signing documents, are expressions of this basic function.

It is capable of drawing essentially anything that can be composed from a set of lines. In practice, this is much like using a traditional printer, except that you need to take care that your documents are made of of paths, rather than pixels.

The AxiDraw is an extremely versatile machine, designed to serve a wide variety of everyday and specialized drawing and writing needs. You can use it for almost almost any task that might normally be carried out with a handheld pen. The most common uses are: As a signature machine for checks, diplomas, headshots, etc As a "handwriting" machine for various purposes Digital artists, using AxiDraw to plot their artwork As a versatile fabrication tool.

AxiDraw does not require proprietary pens or ink: you can use your own pens, chosen within certain guidelines. A larger XL Pen Clip is available as well to fit larger pens. Good choices for pens to use include fountain pens, permanent markers, liquid-ink rollerball pens, technical pens, small-bodied whiteboard markers and other writing and drawing instruments that do not require significant downward pressure. You can read more about pen choices in our documentation here. AxiDraw does not require special paper; you can use almost any kind and size of paper.

You can even use all kinds of things that are not paper. The larger size models have about twice this travel. You can work with any size of paper up to the size of the travel area. You can write directly onto small pieces like business cards or a whole array of themmedium size pieces envelopes and note cards, or sheets of paper. You can also work with paper larger than the travel area.

The unique design of the AxiDraw features a drawing head that extends beyond the body of the machine, making it possible to also draw on flat objects bigger than the machine itself.

For example, you can set it right on top of a box to write an address. You can even set it on top of a poster board, chalkboard, or whiteboard to draw graphics in place. For most applications, the standard-size AxiDraw V3 is the best choice. It's our top-of-the-line machine, and includes a few nice accessories as well. Available AxiDraw accessories include alternate pen holders, a tripod mount, a rigid mount that can be used instead of the pen slide, extended feet, extra clip easels, and magnetic workholding easels.

xy plotter pdf

You can find them listed here at Evil Mad Scientist. AxiDraw requires a reasonably modern computer Mac, Windows, or Linux with an available USB port and internet access to download software. Linux requirements: Recent versions of Ubuntu and similar widely-supported distributions work well. If you are using an obscure or "challenging" distribution, we'll still do our best to help you out.

If you get a head start by reading the user guide and installing the software, you can be up and plotting five minutes after opening the box.John Hunter Excellence in Plotting Contest submissions are open! Entries are due June 1, The optional parameter fmt is a convenient way for defining basic formatting like color, marker and linestyle. It's a shortcut string notation described in the Notes section below. You can use Line2D properties as keyword arguments for more control on the appearance.

Line properties and fmt can be mixed. The following two calls yield identical results:. There's a convenient way for plotting objects with labelled data i.

Instead of giving the data in x and yyou can provide the object in the data parameter and just give the labels for x and y :. All indexable objects are supported. This could e. DataFame or a structured numpy array. The most straight forward way is just to call plot multiple times.

Alternatively, if your data is already a 2d array, you can pass it directly to xy. A separate data set will be drawn for every column. Example: an array a where the first column represents the x values and the other columns are the y columns:. The third way is to specify multiple sets of [x]y[fmt] groups:. In this case, any additional keyword argument applies to all datasets.

Also this syntax cannot be combined with the data parameter. By default, each line is assigned a different style specified by a 'style cycle'. The fmt and line property parameters are only necessary if you want explicit deviations from these defaults. Alternatively, you can also change the style cycle using rcParams["axes.XY Plotter V2. Pasted image x Bugatti Pasted image x KB. I downloaded mdrawsetup.

Have I missed a download link? The link in the PDF is pointing to an incorrect folder. Go back up to get to the distribution master. The link in the PDF here.

A big thanks to all the crowd at MakeBlock.

Digital & Multi-Channel XY Plotter

Pasted image x KB. A quick question: what versions of Python and PyQt are required if I want to rebuild the executable from source? Looks like Python 2 and PyQt4, as although I could amend the code to get rid of all the errors in Python 3, it then got really messed up with trying to resolve PyQT4 calls from a PyQt5 install. For those who want to try building it from the source, as well as Python 2.

If you click on the mDraw drawing space to move the pen, SOMETIMES the plotter pen moves to the correct place, but often not, instead one of the axes will move but not the other, or the pen will move in the wrong direction.

xy plotter pdf

Its very random and difficult to identify a pattern, but it makes the software completly useless. Is there any place to report bugs in mDraw for the XY plotter? There are so many reproducable problems that it would be nice to track them somewhere and get information when they will be fixed. You can sent email to support makeblock.

Has any one worked with cardboard or chipboard? The power is only mW. I have been able to cut card and thin wood veneer of 0. I have found a problem with the latest mDrawGui, the release dated When I try to run it, I find that the X and Y axes are shown as different to the way I assembled my machine, and the machine no longer moves around the bed in response to moving the cross-hairs.

When I try the Home function the machine moves to one axis but does not stop and instead shakes and rattles until I power the board down. I have looked through the supplied PDF files but there are no instructions for any changes to the wiring.

The pen can be raised and lowered, and when using the gear button I can see the limit switches reacting to my pressing them, and I have tried changing the stepper motor rotation direction, but it makes no difference. If I try loading a picture and drawing it the motors try to drive the pen the wrong way against the ends of the machine and ignore the limit switches. What have I missed? I saw no announcement that I needed to rewire the plotter to make it compatible with the other robots.

I had already forwarded your issue to our product manager - ander makeblock.The software provides you with greater convenience, less cost and more ease of use. Our PC based Digital XY Plotter is a direct translation of a traditional XY Plotter, but with all the benefits of being computerised software rather than a physical machine.

The Digital XY Plotter uses the same terminology but has a number of enhanced features, making it easy, quick to set up and extremely low maintenance. Its 16bit resolution provides you with a more accurate result than you would get with a traditional pen plotter and allows you to zoom in for a clearer view of results. The system can also be set up to be optimised for touchscreen devices such as tablets for ease of use and portability. By configuring a test profile, the system will allow you to switch between tests quickly, without having to set each one up every time you want to run it.

Your test will only need to be set up once and you can easily return to a saved profile later. If your testing goes outside these parameters, the system will fail. In traditional XY Plotters, it would require comparison with a previous document and the boundaries manually measured.

The Digital XY Plotter is completely configurable, enabling you to customise data fields and serial numbers. Austin Consultants Digital XY Plotter has exceeded expectations in delivering an alternative and modern solution that offers increased reliability, flexibility and accuracy to meet our business needs.

Their team stand out in their commitment to understanding our requirements from the outset enabling the data to be presented to meet our needs and provide familiarity. The support in providing training and on going customer service demonstrates their professionalism and attitude to ensuring customer satisfaction and developing long term relationships.

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As the data on our XY Plotter is digital, the software can bring up graph cursors. Rated 5. Contact Us Call: Freephone: Email: sales austinconsultants.